Helping You to Communicate More Clearly

Clear communication changes everything.


Are you missing opportunities?

Wasted resources, increased risk, missed goals and unrealized potential are the result of a lack of clear communication.

We will help you cut through the confusion and clarify your communication.

Ascent Public Speaking Advantage

Invest in your ability as a Public Speaker and open the door to new opportunities and greater success.

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Ascent Public Speaking Advantage - Pro

Leaders: Strengthen your ability to cast vision and inspire. Invest in your ability as a Public Speaker and raise your leadership ceiling.


Create a Compelling Fundraising Strategy

Donors want to be part of a better story. Engage potential donors by clearly communicating your vision.


Clarify Your Governance Model

Chart a clear course, avoid risk and liability, align available resources and release people to serve in their strengths.


Our Skills

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Ed has a unique ability to bring clarity of vision amidst the noise. He was able to identify what was most important and discard what doesn't fit with the vision of the organization.

John B. SLC Director

Eduardo brought both insight and knowledge as he helped guide in the transition from a Management Board to a Government Board. We are grateful for the clarity that this has brought to our organization.

Greg R., Non-Profit Board Chair

Ed has a natural capacity to create an emotional connection and influence with people...The depth and breadth of his experience serves as a strategic base allowing him to provide meaningful input to leaders of varying sectors and backgrounds.

John F., CEO, Conference Centre