Our Team

Eduardo Heinrichs

Eduardo has particular expertise working with school administrations, multinational non-profits, business owners and faith-based organizations. In the past 30 years he has helped build programs, educational resources and growth focused organizations with involvement in North America, South America, Europe,  Africa and Asia.

He is passionate about effective leadership through vision, strategic alignment, good governance and empowered people.

In addition to his experience he holds the following qualifications:

·         BA & B.Ed with Specialist Qualification in Special Education

·         COACH Model Certification

·         John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, Trainer

 Joshua Heinrichs

Partner Development

Josh is highly skilled in consulting and collaboration. He works with international partners in policy compliance and development in Food, Chemical and Cosmetics. While running his business he is completing his MBA and Masters in International Relations. He is an expert on International Relations, Diplomacy, Civil Service with a research focus on remote work.